A Retail Company Liquidating Is a Great Opportunity

Is this retailer poised for a big move that will go under most investors’ radars?

If you’ve been following our Monument Traders Alliance discussions, you know that one of our favorite retail stocks right now is Kohl’s (NYSE: KSS). The reasons we like Kohl’s are reserved for The War Room members – but we can tell you this…

On October 3, investment bank Cowen Group upgraded Kohl’s with a price target of $92. With shares currently trading at $71 – and two distinct support levels at $70 and $69 within sight – this looks like a spot to make a smart speculation headed into the Christmas buying season.

You see, Cowen is confident that Kohl’s will be a major beneficiary of the Bon-Ton (OTC: BONTQ) liquidation – forecasting that Kohl’s will take 15% of its addressable market share – which would boost earnings per share by $0.13. If that’s the case, this news could offer the trigger that’ll shift Kohl’s momentum back to the bullish side. That’s why speculating on Kohl’s rise into the end of the 2018 calendar year makes a lot of sense – starting now – when other investors are looking the other way.


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