Sharp Paper Insiders

A significant amount of company insiders trading or an abnormal amount of options activity means it’s time to investigate.

Will Trump’s Tariff Agreement Help or Hurt Big Steel?

Steel stocks are seeing some nice action of late – but this might be just the beginning.

Airlines Are Soaring Alongside Our Portfolios!

Airline stocks are soaring thanks to the recent slump in oil prices.

5 Million Shares Think Chesapeake Energy Has Bottomed

Is this energy stock going to turn into an oil barrel of fun?

Traveling to the Airline Sector

American Airlines and Delta could help your money soar.

Someone With Deep Pockets Is Getting the Travel Bug

Something significant could happen with Trip Advisor, as evidenced by a recent questionable purchase.

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A Look Inside the War Room...

If you don’t have a premeditated sell discipline – and the vast majority of investors don’t.

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